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First photo shoot

Newborn Photography FAQ

So, when should we do this?

The best time to take your new baby’s photos is within the first two weeks of life, and
ideally between 5-10 days old.  This is the time when they are the most sleepy, curly,
and are less prone to having baby acne.  While beautiful newborn portraits are still
possible after two weeks old, we may not be able to get the same poses a younger baby.

Ok, when do I book it?

I recommend calling to schedule your baby’s newborn session 2 – 4 months before your due
date.  This helps you avoid the stress of trying to find a photographer at the last minute, and
I makes sure you have your spot held on my calendar.  We’ll get everything set up in advance
so that when you bring your precious baby home, all you have to do is let me know!  If your
baby comes early or late, it’s quick and easy for us to reschedule your session as needed.

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