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What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography: Pronounced bu-dwar, is French for “bedroom”.  Boudoir photography is a style of sexy, flirtatious, romantic, erotic, and classy images in a bedroom or romantic setting.  Boudoir photography is sensual and sexy, as well as elegant and classy.  Photos and albums from boudoir shoots make excellent wedding day, anniversary, holiday and birthday gifts for the someone special in your life.  These photos are also a great way to showcase your beauty and boost your self-confidence!


When you do a boudoir session with me you can expect to have fun, act silly, and have tons of laughs during your session.  Arrive at the studio in comfortable clothing and prepare to be pampered.  Start off with some mimosas and snacks while a professional hair and makeup artist transforms you from day-to-day to bombshell beauty.  We will discuss the order of your outfits and poses while your makeup and hair is being completed.

Having professional hair and makeup done for your session is key!  You can arrive at the studio an hour before your session and be pampered.  If you have a particular look in mind just let us know and we can recreate it for you.  


What you choose for your attire is always special and can send your photos to the next level.  Just a few outfit ideas include:

  • Sexy heels or boots
  • Corsets, bra & panty sets, lace teddies, black lace panties
  • Large sweaters, mens button down shirts, or even his favorite jersey or work uniform!
  • Cut-off shorts, skirts, or leg warmers
  • Any accessories you love! Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pearls, hats, etc

If you have any questions regarding a boudoir session please send me a message.

Thank you

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